Steps to Buying a Home Steps to Buy a Home

1. Attend a free Virginia Housing-sponsored Homeownership Education Class.

Get the facts before you buy!

Attend a free Homeownership Education class or take the course online.
Topics include:
  • How to read a credit report
  • Creating a budget
  • What to expect at loan application
  • Working with your real estate agent
  • The importance of a home inspection
  • To find classes click here

2. Meet with a Virginia Housing lender to become pre-approved for a mortgage loan.

Contact a Virginia Housing approved lender today to determine which loan program best meets your needs. For a list of approved lenders click here

VHDA programs offer:

  • Below market interest rates
  • Flexible qualifying ratios
  • Low- or no-down payment loans
  • Flexible credit standards
  • 30-year fixed rates

3. Select a real estate agent to help you find your perfect first home.

For a list of real estate agents who are members of Virginia Housing Real Estate Agent Connection click here.

4. Get a home inspection

5. Sign all legal documents


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