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Virginia Housing LOAN COMBO

Having a safe, affordable home has never been more important. Virginia Housing can help make your homeownership dreams a reality. Ask your lender if you qualify for our Loan Combo — it’s an affordable Virginia Housing mortgage with additional benefits just for first-time homebuyers:

Virginia Housing Loan Combo Down payment grant — you never have to repay this; it’s free money!

Virginia Housing Loan Combo Mortgage Credit Certificate — could save you thousands every year on your federal income tax.

Virginia Housing Loan Combo Free homebuyer’s course — to help you understand the homebuying process.

Take the first step: Use the Find-A-Lender tool below to locate a Virginia Housing-approved lender near you, who can advise you and see which Virginia Housing grants and loans you may qualify for.

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If you are in the Southwest, Southside or Eastern Shore areas of Virginia, please use the Find A Lender search tool.

Virginia Housing Loan Combo


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